I have chosen WordPress as my blog engine because it helps to get exquisitely formatted entries with virtually no effort. Still, it seems it’s very easy to get it messed up just because some posts have a — let’s say — too relaxed style. Thus, I have prepared a short list of style hints you might like to consider before posting here from now on. Thank you!

1. Capitalization is the difference between “I had to help my uncle Jack off a horse” and “I had to help my uncle jack off a horse.”

2. The mastering of the written word is a challenge you have to take, and not submit to the very treacherous emoticonery. If you lack the required skills, at least don’t place emoticons in the titles, and just stick to these two classics: “:-)” and “:-(“. Yes, together with nose, and without repeated brackets.

3. For Romanian text, either use “ăâîşţ”, or “aaist”, but never “ts”, “tz”, “sh”.

4. “Your”, not “Ur”. Please extrapolate from this example to any other ghetto abbreviation you might like to use.

5. Proper spacing, please. Spaces after punctuation, not in front of it.

6. No repeated exclamation or question marks. Also, stick to “…” for ellipsis, no more, no less than three dots. However, you should be very conservative with ellipsis usage, since it sounds so pathetic to me… (sic!)

7. h4x0r lingo is considered l4m3 on this blog, and therefore not recommended. Same thing for IRC-type acronyms (“lmao”, “lol”, “lololol”).

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