GoogleMaps – case study

November 28th, 2006

Research work: spot a black helicopter, and post the results. Enjoy the pics!

Don’t fly with us

November 24th, 2006

Six Muslim imams were removed from a US Airways flight departing out of St. Paul, Minneapolis and questioned for several hours. These dangerous and unruly individuals were ratted out by an anonymous passenger who slipped a note to a flight attendant, possible saving the lives of thousands… if not millions of women and children!

Read the full story on ReligiousFreaks.

Money firm breached EU data law

November 24th, 2006

A Belgian money transfer firm breached EU privacy laws by secretly giving personal financial data to the US authorities, an inquiry has concluded. Read the full story.

I’ll quote gasmonso from ReligiousFreaks on this one: “Suddenly, stock in hijabs just went through the roof. I’ll be getting one for my wife, but that’s another topic ;)”.
It seems that the original wearers of the hijab were pretty far from what they want us to believe now: namely, tantra priests!
All hail my proposal for Muazzez Ilmiye Cig as a Peace Nobel Prize winner!

Ecologie = Comunism

November 1st, 2006

Credeati ca jdemii de tone de cianuri sunt rele? Bah! Nu-i credeti! E propaganda comunista (sau terorista, cum va place). Ia priviti!.

Well fuck me dead and call me bitch!

P.S. Pentru coineseurii de C: da, `=’ si nu `==’!

[bozo’s update, 02 Nov 2006, 15:57] Au publicat pe HotNews un update cum ca “realizatorul filmului, Phelim McAleer a precizat ca finantarea proiectului a fost facuta de Gabriel Resources, insa compania nu a intervenit in partea editoriala.” Need I say more? Fuck.

A BBC news report tells us that UK government seeks to allow citizens to make legal private copies of their CDs and such. This is a good thing. What bothers me is that “But it is not the music industry’s job to decide what rights consumers have that is the job of government.”. Why don’t I decide what rights consumers have, or their momma, perhaps?

An excellent speech (thanks #arad-lite!) by Sam Harris at Idea City ’05. See the video here.

Poate totuşi am făcut o mare greşeală întorcîndu-mă din Suedia: acolo miniştrii demisionează pentru că nu şi-au plătit taxa TV.

Newspaper bullshit, payed up “studies” and polls are all alright but not an individual expressing his (maybe objectively incorrect) opinion.

bunicuta undercover

October 9th, 2006

Ion Iliescu – carmaciul Securitatii de la Iasi, A avizat actiuni de politie politica, da’ e un om cinstit, si sarac, iar gura nu-i miroase.

Edit: Cum să-i miroasă gura, săracul de el, dacă usturoi n-a păpat? Silly me!