This dog apparently did not know when to quit when she encountered the porcupine.

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Moartea domnului Lazarescu

September 28th, 2005

Musai sa mereti sa vedeti Moartea domnului Lazarescu (Cristi Puiu, 2005). Cititi si ce zice a.l.s. despre film.


September 28th, 2005

Pe Titanic, dupa impact, un tip ia o barca si vasleste in graba, disperat sa se salveze.
-Unde pleci dom’le, ca mai sunt femei aici!?, striga echipajul in urma lui.
-De parca de futut imi arde mie acum!

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ACME is a worldwide leader of many manufactured goods. From its humble beginnings providing corks and flypaper to bug collectors (“Buddy’s Bug Hunt/1935”) to its heyday in the American Southwest supplying a certain coyote, from Ultimatum Dispatchers to Batman outfits, ACME has set the standard for excellence.
For the first time ever, information and pictures of all ACME products, specialty divisions, and services featured in Warner Bros. cartoons (made by the original studio from 1935 to 1964) are gathered here, in one convenient catalog

Sinistratii indolentei

September 26th, 2005

Ce poveste lugubra – inundatiile versus natura umana. E luni, si e trist.

Home of Love

September 23rd, 2005

Noticing that there’s too few posts about sex, I decided to fill this gap. But I do not want this blog to become a source of pr0n lust, so I give you science. Yet, I wanted something special, so we’re talking bizzare. Banana slugs and their concept about fidelity: Apophallation. Gives a whole new dimension to, well, everything. Aren’t they cute?

Abandonware DOS Games

September 21st, 2005

For nostalgics, like me, a list with the best rated DOS games.

the science of cursing

September 21st, 2005

New York Times has this interesting article on curse words and human psychology. The language therein makes a jolly good reading.

Armed and Dangerous

September 20th, 2005

Microsoft tries to recruit a distinguished gentleman, known as Eric Raymond, good friend of open source. Now, if HE can be recruited, then it can’t be THAT hard, does it? (aparently, the whole InterNet found out about it before me)

Carlton Draught

September 19th, 2005

The Carlton Draught BIG AD. Genius work.

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